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About Nature Virtues

A company on a mission with a unique proposition

Nature Virtues will begin our carbon offsetting program with local, long-term, verifiable afforestation projects that will not only be additional and capture carbon as they mature but will also bring a range of positive co-benefits to the community through income generation, employment, amenity creation, ecotourism, and improved biodiversity.

We will be unique in our project benefit analysis by ascribing monetary value to the co-benefits associated with each project. In this way we will ensure our local natural habitats flourish in tandem with offsetting carbon.

Transparency and authenticity are key to our mission. To this end we have created a new forest carbon standard to facilitate the robust and independent verification of our carbon sequestration. Once a project has been verified through our forest carbon standard the credits will be registered and visible on our carbon credit registry.

Our plan is to develop and adopt standards across many more carbon removal technologies with a constant eye on the formalisation of the voluntary carbon market to ensure our standards meet their future requirements.

Our mission is simple

To facilitate achieving the global target of limiting the warming of our planet to 1.5 degrees Celsius by enabling corporates and consumers to offset their carbon footprint through the purchase of carbon credits that are verifiable, additional, permanent, transparent, and precisely measured.

In achieving this we also want to ensure our efforts help to replenish and regenerate our vital natural habitats and all of the biodiversity they entail.

Our Method is Unique

We seek to tackle this global problem by staying local. Nature Virtues will create liquidity for environmentally impactful sequestration and natural capital projects within the country of the consumer. By doing so we seek to actively engage participants and encourage a new wave of interest and investment in the voluntary carbon market.

Our uniqueness is tied to our underlying mission to not only take carbon out of the atmosphere, but to ensure our native and natural habitats are protected and promoted while doing so.

Help Us Restore Nature’s Rightful Value

Support our local projects and offset your carbon footprint while also benefiting from community co-benefits, both economic and environmental.

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