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Who are we?

At Nature Virtues we believe that increasing your carbon efficiency and reducing your carbon emissions are the most important steps we can take to stop global warming. However, we also believe that the Paris Agreement goals will only be reached through a combined approach of reducing carbon emissions at source, where possible, and of offsetting carbon emissions with proven additional carbon credits where necessary. By tackling our carbon footprint from both angles, we have a much greater chance of saving our planet.

Our projects will not only remove carbon from the atmosphere, but they will also regenerate and protect vital native habitats. Our unique approach to ascribing a value to biodiversity will ensure that our project selection will be based on much more than just carbon.
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What we believe

Our mission is simple

To facilitate achieving the global target of limiting the warming of our planet to 1.5 degrees Celsius by enabling corporates and consumers to offset their carbon footprint through the purchase of carbon credits that are verifiable, additional, permanent, transparent, and precisely measured.

In achieving this we also want to ensure our efforts help to replenish and regenerate our vital natural habitats and all of the biodiversity they entail.

Our Method is Unique

We seek to tackle this global problem by staying local. Nature Virtues will create liquidity for environmentally impactful sequestration and natural capital projects within the country of the consumer. By doing so we seek to actively engage participants and encourage a new wave of interest and investment in the voluntary carbon market.

Our uniqueness is tied to our underlying mission to not only take carbon out of the atmosphere, but to ensure our native and natural habitats are protected and promoted while doing so.

Help Us Restore Nature’s Rightful Value

Support our local projects and offset your carbon footprint while also benefiting from community co-benefits, both economic and environmental.

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